“The PID program enabled me to fulfill my dreams of owning my very own business. I found the franchise model itself very appealing as it encourages you, the owner, to be the mind and heart of the business, meaning working in the business, as well as strategically enhancing your business with the help of a future focussed FOCUS plan, meaning working on your business.

The recruitment process was stringent and thorough, focusing on leadership, team work, self management, customer centricity and most importantly, matching your vision and values with that of Specsavers. My acceptance on the PID program as prospective Retail Partner resonated with my previous retail managerial experience and achievements in the retail environment.

The PID program is a cleverly designed training program, well paced and positioned to deliver a well rounded dispensing and retail partner. It is an ever evolving program adapting and incorporating current affairs, yet staying true to the fundamentals of developing its candidates holistically moving from the known to the unknown, growing confidence levels in the newly acquired knowledge and skills and moulding the candidates desires to grow from being a good student to becoming a great leader and business partner.

To be a successful PID, means to place your trust in your Store Partner Sponsors. Your Store Partner is living the role that you are training for and there fore well positioned to guide, evaluate and mentor you. Whilst attached to your training store it is vital to identify processes that you view as best practices and bank it in your tool box. Some Partners will be brilliant managers utilizing world class business processes to achieve their KPI’s as in the case of Delphine at Massey Specsavers. Working through the administrative section of the PID program you come to discover that a compliant store is a profitable store.

The CDP (Career Development Program) forms a strategic part of the PID Program and has taken me from zero knowledge in the optical industry to being able to do specialist dispensing, problem solving and contact lenses teaches. Your business is centred around optics and therefore it is vital to enthusiastically spend every minute of your time in your training store dispensing patients, frame styling, problem solving, doing repairs, pretesting and most importantly observing the experienced dispensers and your training store partners. Your Training Store Partners , as in the case of Bev at Specsavers Pakuranga, breaks dispensing into its simplest form, focusing and ensuring you understand the WHY, and then allows you, without judgement to give it a go, keeping a close eye on your approach to your newly acquired skills, also encourages you to ask questions and to use their store as your training ground, use this opportunity to put into practice what you have learnt on the courses as practice makes perfect.

A great way to show your appreciation and that you are a team player is to offer your services to teach and coach new team members as this will give you good practice to manage a team in the optical environment. You can also volunteer to run meetings especially the morning huddles as this gives you the opportunity to set the tone, pace, focuses and targets for the day. Always get involve in new launches and promotional launches as this helps to create excitement, team work and helps to make your environment competitive and keeps the customers’ interested in what’s new and innovative.

Matthew (Regional Development Consultant) and Brendan (Retail Director NZ) set high standards during my quarterly reviews and always convened the process focusing on two areas of my development, namely, what you have learnt and what you plan to learn in the next quarter, thereby always ensuring that I not only keep up to date with the program, but also keeping up to date with the reality as to what’s happening in my learning store as well as Specsavers nationally, guiding my thoughts and views in line with what was expected to deliver from the bottom structures upwards but also exposing me to the help and support that I can expect from the leadership team downwards to store level.

All in all a remarkable journey to business ownership and a tremendous honour to be part of an aspirational business where the interest of the business owner is a top priority!”

“Reflecting back on the last year, two words come to mind – growth and opportunity. It has been a brilliant experience for me as a PID and one which I would highly recommend to anyone interested in taking the next step into business ownership.

I have been supported by a dedicated store and state team. Also, I have had control of my development through a tailored and individual training plan as well as regular scheduled catch ups with peers and mentors. At the same time, I have been challenged to step into the unknown which has naturally given me the opportunity to grow in knowledge and confidence.

Some tips – You have to be willing to learn and be accountable. Whilst at times it can be hard to step out of a comfort zone, the reward is in the satisfaction of being able to say at the end “This is my business”. Specsavers has given me the opportunity to fulfil a life long dream to be a business owner and the opportunities are endless to where I and my optom partner can take the business.

If you have a passion for customers and people, delivering great experiences and enjoy a challenge every day (especially as no two days are the same), I would say go for it!!! You may just surprise yourself!”

“I joined the Specsavers Partner in Development program with no prior knowledge of optics having never worn glasses or contact lenses. The training systems developed internally are designed to help you succeed and when Specsavers talk of partnership they mean it. You have the opportunities of working along side existing partners and business owners who can help impart the skills needed to drive your own business in the future. I enjoyed the PID program and would recommend giving it ago.”

Ryan Lacey

“I decided to make the career switch to Specsavers for two main reasons: the opportunity to own my own business, and because of the extremely strong and successful business model that Specsavers provides.

I started working in retail management straight out of University because I love working with, and developing, people – and the fact that no two days are ever the same! As a leader in retail, you have to utilise a wide range of skills and you are forever benefiting from new experiences and challenges.

I was lucky enough to spend my first 6 months at Specsavers with David, Paul and the team at the Werribee store, where I learnt all about how a Specsavers store should operate. The PID program is designed in a way that allows you to learn about optometry and dispensing (if you’re like me, with absolutely zero prior experience!) as well as learn about the day-to-day running of the store from your host partners and fellow team members out on the shop floor. The Directors and team at Werribee were very supportive and their store was a great environment to learn in.

One challenge I faced was going from being a store manager of 5 years, to going back to being a regular team member. However I found that this allowed me to literally learn from the ground up, and provided the perfect opportunity for me to simply focus on my own development, whilst still helping the store achieve their targets where I could.

The program provides PIDs with an unrivalled opportunity to own their own successful business. The training and support provided to all the team at Specsavers – not just PIDs – is genuinely the best I have experienced, but you will still need to have the drive, passion and ability to step out of your comfort zone in order to make the most of this opportunity.

Having not worked in the industry before, there were the obvious challenges involved in learning just the basics about eyes, glasses and even how private health insurance works! However with the training and in-store help, combined with a bit of hard work, it does not take too long to get your head around things.

I have recently agreed to go into partnership at the Greensborough (VIC) store. Owning a store is certainly a long-term investment, and a very exciting opportunity – I personally see myself here at Greensborough for at least the next 10-15 years.

I am extremely thankful for the chance to go on the program, and to buy into a store of my own, all within the space of twelve months. Not many other businesses will pay you a salary for a year, and invest so much time in training you, in order to set you up for success. Specsavers genuinely cares about the journey and future success of its Partners and PIDs. My time learning at the Werribee store, alongside Directors and a team that are clearly very passionate in the way they go about things, was an absolutely key component of my development and has really set me up for the chance at future success. For those looking for the chance to own their own business then I could not recommend the Specsavers PID program highly enough.”

David Caldow

“The PID program gave us a fantastic opportunity to employ someone who had business and people experience from their first day. Ryan was treated like any new employee as he underwent his optics training. The biggest challenge early for everyone was that Ryan had no optical experience but as he became confident in his optics, and combined this with his business knowledge, he helped us work through some in store challenges. I would recommend the PID program as it brings someone with outside business experience into our store with fresh ideas, and at the same time sets them up for a Specsavers career.”

Alfred Armanios

“I joined Specsavers because their winning business model provided me with an opportunity to own my own store whilst giving me the tools and skills that I need to succeed in growing the business.

Before joining Specsavers I was working for a major supermarket chain for 18 years. I had come to a point where I was looking for a new opportunity that would provide me with a rewarding career and would reignite my passion and drive. At the perfect time, Specsavers contacted me with an opportunity to be part of the Partner in Development program. Knowing that the program would allow me to gain the experience required to be successful and reap the benefits of my hard work, I welcomed the opportunity.

I am currently working at Specsavers Blacktown, working along side two amazing Partners, Andy and Janet. The wealth of knowledge I have gained from the Partners and the team at Specsavers Blacktown has been exceptional. The partners facilitate my development by allowing me to learn from my mistakes and take the time to teach me everything I need to know to run a successful Specsavers business.

It has been a steep learning curve though. One of the biggest challenges has been learning about optics in a short period of time. Coming from a supermarket background, the terminology was new to me and I was now opened up to a whole new world of retail. Making the change from a Store Manager position to a team member was also challenging. This however, proved to be the best way to start my career with Specsavers, as I was able to learn from the ground up, gaining knowledge from all aspects of the business that will help me when I eventually become a Specsavers partner.

I have never looked back at the decision to join Specsavers as a Partner in Development. I now come home satisfied every day, knowing that I have put a smile on my customers’ faces (along with their glasses!) whilst building my career for the future. My passion and drive have been reignited and it is being reflected in all aspects of my life. I am finally on the journey to success with the support of an amazing network of people. I would recommend it to anyone who is seriously considering joining Specsavers.”

Joel McCabe

“I joined Specsavers for the opportunity to challenge myself in a new environment and develop new skills. A Specsavers career has given me the opportunity to meet and interact with all members of our community and make a real impact on our customers’ wellbeing!!

My relationship with my host partner was a positive one for myself, personally it gave me the opportunity to see first-hand how the Specsavers visions and values come to life!! I was offered everything I needed to start my journey and more. The training offered was unlike anything else I had experienced with any other retail business.

I would highly recommend the PID program to anyone who is looking to challenge themselves and reap the rewards of their hard work with a truly rewarding career.”


“I wanted to be a host for the PID program to help me keep on growing 
as a partner – after being in the store for 6 years it is great to have 
a fresh approach from someone new that has different experience. Joel
 was such a great asset to have in our store, bringing new strengths in
 so many areas such as volume and dealing with large staff numbers.
 Joel will make a fantastic partner and leader.

I would definitely recommend the PID program. It was such a great 
experience to share my knowledge with someone so keen and enthusiastic
 and to also grow and challenge myself professionally.”

Specsavers PID
ARA Retail Store Design Award 2016FCA Excellence in Marketing Award 2016Millward Brown Research No1 for eye testsBest Customer Service in NZ Optometry 2017Platinum - Best Talent Development Program 2017AITD Best Talent Development Program 2017Best Customer Service in NZ Optometry 2018Best Customer Service in AU Optometry 2018